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Criterion Health, Inc.
William Ullrich, J.D. - Principal
Phone: 317 727-5045
Email: billu@criterionhealth.net

Melvin Smith, M.S.W. - Business Manager
Phone: 253 225-1384
Email: mels@criterionhealth.net

Common business mail address:
Criterion Health, Inc.
1524 Pinecrest Dr.
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
Phone: 317 727-5045


Criterion Health, Inc.
Your Partner for Success



Many times an organization needs more help than simple consultation. Criterion can deliver an organized team, providing state of the art organizational development processes to your organization. These more extensive, building engagements can benefit from a “general contractor” who can build it for the owners.

  • Need to create a benefits management entity

  • Need to organize autism services for a state?

  • Need to create a cost effective diversion program to decrease demand on emergency rooms?

  • Need to build an insurance or Medicaid behavioral health delivery system?

  • Need to integrate behavioral technologies into a primary care setting?

  • Need to create a community health center?

  • Need to create a child welfare contracting system?

  • Need to build a new product to assist your services?

  • Need to build and install a new evidence based service program?

  • Need to build a federally compliant Compliance program

  • Need to build a federally compliant Performance Improvement program?

Criterion Health - Development ServicesLarger projects require more hands on services. These tasks are more than consulting. Something must be made or done that impacts systems. Criterion specializes in big, transformational projects. We have created a number of administrative service organizations, doing everything from alliance building, to site and vender acquisition, to creating complete Policies and procedures systems, to recruiting and orienting staff and plan members and network providers. These efforts have created several Medicaid programs, a statewide autism service and two assistive technology products with patents pending.

We have worked with provider systems to identify processes that would improve efficiency, turn those into product specifications, then find state and federal funding for the creation of new products and serve as general contractor to drive the product to the market. This has led to regional emergency room diversion programs and actual products such as all terrain wheel chairs and modified Hoyer lifts to assist community based care of disabled citizens.

We have created new structured group service programs, organized program evaluation systems and several new provider entities.


Criterion Health, Inc.
Behavioral Health Consultation and Management Services


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