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Healthcare Consulting
Healthcare Consulting
Criterion Health, Inc.
William Ullrich, J.D. - Principal
Phone: 317 727-5045
Email: billu@criterionhealth.net

Melvin Smith, M.S.W. - Business Manager
Phone: 253 225-1384
Email: mels@criterionhealth.net

Common business mail address:
Criterion Health, Inc.
1524 Pinecrest Dr.
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
Phone: 317 727-5045


Criterion Health, Inc.
Your Partner for Success



Criterion Health - Delivery ServicesOn behalf of the owners Criterion often delivers ongoing on site services. We place embedded personnel to assure sustaining performance to the owners’ goals while backing them up with our national cadre of experts. These services focus on those national risk management issues such as:

  • Enterprise leadership

  • Compliance

  • Performance Improvement

  • Utilization Management

  • Program Evaluation

We can deliver on site personnel, keep them focused on industry standards and deliver performance feedback on an ongoing basis. Our embedded personnel have the benefit of peers from other sites and an evolving core data base and key performance indicator system as well as sustaining ongoing contact with our core experts who will be regularly on site both supervising on site personnel as well as providing consultation to the owners.

With focus on key performance indicators, required standards of performance or proof of performance on an ongoing basis. We can keep progress happening.

Let us provide key staff, keep them focused on industry standards and assure you that we are delivering your goals. Rest easier at night!


Criterion Health, Inc.
Behavioral Health Consultation and Management Services


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