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Criterion Health, Inc.
William Ullrich, J.D. - Principal
Phone: 317 727-5045
Email: billu@criterionhealth.net

Melvin Smith, M.S.W. - Business Manager
Phone: 253 225-1384
Email: mels@criterionhealth.net

Common business mail address:
Criterion Health, Inc.
1524 Pinecrest Dr.
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
Phone: 317 727-5045


Criterion Health, Inc.
Your Partner for Success


We want you to see some of our work. Feel free to take the following with our compliments.


Prepaid Health Plan Provider Readiness Checklist
Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization - System Development Guide
Organization Readiness for Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care

We understand the industry. Behavioral health technology makes a difference, but it must address the world of business. The following briefings reflect information that is useful but also reflects how we attempt to vest ownership with our clients.


The Evolution of County and Municipal Behavioral Health in National Healthcare Reform
Clinical Needs To Drive Product Development
Autism Spectrum Disorders Briefing
The Integration of Behavioral and Primary Medical Services
Benefits Management Of Public Programs
Self Directed Work Teams - A Briefing on Creating an Accountable Business Culture
Planning Guide for Medicaid Reform
Behavioral Technologies in Disease Management: A New Service Model for Working with Physicians
How to Build Revenue Producing Services In Community Behavioral Health
A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Behavioral Health Emergency Diversion Programs
Getting the Most from Consultants and Management Services:  A Consultants Perspective
MHCA presentation on Behavioral Health Organization Strategy during Healthcare Reform
Organizing for Healthcare Reform

Criterion Health, Inc.
Behavioral Health Consultation and Management Services


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